Snap the roof onto the walls
You are ready for a Candy Cottage memory making day
Snap the walls onto the base
All four walls are ready for the base
The walls snap together
The Candy Cottage Base
Now It's Time for Decorating!
The ready-to-decorate, NO baking necessary, family-fun gingerbread house!
Snaps together in seconds!
When the season's over, or the party is complete, simply rinse your Candy Cottage in the kitchen sink under warm water. After a few minutes, the icing and candies will easily slide off. A little soap is all that you need to clean up your house and prepare it for the next season, or a fun new reason! Once cleaned, The Candy Cottage® stores easily on kitchen or pantry shelf.

Completely reusable, The Candy Cottage
® is the last gingerbread house kit you will ever need. Enjoy it as we do, Season to Season, Memory to Memory!
The season's over, and The Candy Cottage® is Reusable!
This is so much easier than baking!
1. Place the base of The Candy Cottage on a sturdy, flat surface.
2. Build the first wall by sliding a short wall into the groove on a long wall. Press firmly to seat the tab on the short wall into the groove at the bottom of the long wall. Repeat this step for the other two wall sections.
3. Connect the two half house wall sections. Press firmly to seat the tab on the short wall into the groove at the bottom of the long wall
4. Sit the assembled walls onto the base frame from step 1. The walls will "snap" into place when seated on the base. Insure that each of the tabs on the base are securely snapped onto the wall sections.
5. Position the roof over the assembled house from step 4. Align the grooves on the under side of the roof with the tops of the walls. The four snap tabs on the roof should slide inside of the walls. Once aligned, press down on the roof. When it "SNAPS," you are ready to decorate!
Now it's
Time for
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